Our own fleet of unmanned vehicles, a variety of payload equipment and developments in the field of geospatial data allow us to render a wide range of services.

Flight and picture-taking work and photogrammetric processing of the obtained data with the further making of geo-spatial solutions.

Aerial laser scanning during engineering exploration, surveying, cadastral and land management works.

Investigation and on-line transfer of data with automated detection of violations. The comprehensive solution includes arrangement of communication channels, processing, visualization, data storage and reports generation.

A fleet of cargo UAVs of own production with a load capacity of up to 300 kg. They can perform work in poor visibility and in difficult climatic conditions, as well as take-off and land on unprepared sites.

The automated dispatching system ProLes is intended for data collection, control, analysis and planning of business processes of a wood-logging enterprise. It covers the processes of logging, transportation, wood storage and documents formation.