Drone-type UAS AC-MK4

Flight time is 80 minutes with a payload of 2 kg on board.

Drone-type UAS AC-MK4

AC-MK4 unmanned aircraft system surpasses similar drones in its class in flight time – 80 minutes with a payload of 2 kg on board. The ground control station allows to fly accurately and skirting the terrain.
This is a compact drone with vertical take-off and landing, capable to operate with a large number of pay loads: from cameras and thermal imagers to air-laser scanning systems and atmospheric pollution sensors.

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Type of constructionFolding
Dimensions (Length/width/height)In working condition with screws – 1 950/1 950/590 mm
Folded – 500/500/590 mm
Diagonally without screws – 1 360 mm
WeightWith BRU – 11,5 kg
Without BRU – 4,7 kg kg
Maximum payload5 kg
Maximum take-off weight16,5 kg
Operating frequency rangeISM 915 MHz, ISM 2400 MHz
Positioning accuracy in GPS modeOn the horizontal axis ± 0.3 m
On the vertical axis ± 0.4 m
Maximum pitch angle20°
Maximum speed15 m/s
Rate of climb5 m/s
Rate of descent3 m/s
Practical ceiling above sea level6 000 m
Maximum permissible wind speed18 m/s
Maximum flight time80 minutes
Flight radius20 km
Dust and moisture protectionIP44
Operating temperature range-40°C to +40°C

Multipurpose payload AC- 170/30/19T

Multipurpose payload AC-170/30/19T combines at once visual and thermal imaging matrices. This helps to reduce the camera weight and allows to receive twice as large the data during the flight, hence increasing the efficiency of air inspection.


Unique in its kind, the target load consists of two thermal imaging cameras combined in one housing, which operate in different spectral ranges and complement each other perfectly.