Airplane-type UAS AC-32-10

The AC-32-10 unmanned aircraft system with flying distance of 350 km and autonomous mode of operation up to 5 hours.

The AC-32-10 plane-type unmanned aircraft system

The AC-32-10 unmanned aircraft system is designed for mobile monitoring and high-precision photography. The drone is most effective in aerial photography of large linear or area facilities. The flight time is five hours, which allows it to perform flights at a distance up to 350 km in one flight. The AC-32-10 hull is made of a composite material, which is highly durable, which significantly extends the service life of the drone and makes it possible to quickly repair and maintain the aircraft even in field conditions. To date, these aircraft are successfully operated in eight countries around the world.

High-precision aerial photography
Multispectral photography
Thermal imaging
On-line monitoring
In-line check at emergency situations
Exploration works  

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Flight timeUp to 5 hours
Flight speed60 to 140 km/h
Engine typeElectrical
Engine layoutPropelling
The radius of the radio channel and video line action90 km
Maximum flight rangeUp to 350 km
Take-off weight10.5 to 14.5 kg
PayloadUp to 1.5 kg
Wingspan3.05 m
Working height50 to 7000 m
Operating temperature-40°C to +40°C

Multipurpose payload AC- 170/30/19T

Multipurpose payload AC-170/30/19T combines at once visual and thermal imaging matrices. This helps to reduce the camera weight and allows to receive twice as large the data during the flight, hence increasing the efficiency of air inspection.

Professional thermal imaging camera AC-130/40T

The AC-130/40T possesses a function of real-time temperature measurement and when saving photos of an object each pixel of the picture contains information about temperature.