Oil and gas sector

Monitoring of transmission pipelines and infrastructure facilities in the protective zone with the aim to find leaks, violations and potentially dangerous situations

Aeromax performs comprehensive monitoring of oil and gas deposits, main pipelines and infrastructure facilities in the protective zone with the help of unmanned aircraft systems. Broadband communication channels are located along the total length of the pipeline and the received information is on-line processed. To visualize and store data, geoportals are created containing the up-to-date information about the state of the infrastructure, as well as statistical reports and analytical materials to forecast and prevent the risks of violations in the future. The suggested solutions increase the operation reliability of infrastructure facilities as well as environmental and industrial safety


Evaluation of the state and control of the functioning of the main pipelines and the supporting infrastructure
Fixation of the protective zone violation
Prompt detection of oil and petroleum product spillages on the surface of the earth and reservoirs. Evaluation of potential hazards for settlements and industrial facilities
Creation and actualization of topographic materials for the design and control of facilities under construction. Checking the quality of work of contractors


Increasing efficiency of monitoring the condition of facilities, including in hardly accessible areas. Obtaining up-to-date and reliable information about the state of the infrastructure facilities
Prompt detection of deviations in technological processes and finding out of illegal activities of unauthorized persons in the protective zone
Reducing of the costs for unscheduled (emergency) repairs and elimination of the accidents’ consequences
Reducing of the negative impact on environment due to increasing the reaction to emergency situations
Ability to analyze incident statistics
Reducing the number of violations of occupational health and safety regulations