Unmanned cargo helicopter SH-350

With load capacity of up to 50 kg

Helicopter-type UAS SH-350

Air transportation of medical and postal cargo weighing up to 50 kg.
Round-the-clock over flight of infrastructure.
Environmental impact assessment on land and over the water surface, including in severe climatic conditions.

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The SH-350 is a helicopter-type unmanned aircraft capable to develop a speed of up to 150 km/h and carry up to 50 kg of payload. Artificial intelligence technologies are integrated into the control system of the drone that ensure its autonomous flight, independent orientation on the terrain and flying around different obstacles. Optical systems, radar stations, transport module and other equipment can be used as a pay load to solve a wide range of tasks.


Unmanned aircraft SH-350 possesses an excellent maneuverability, high specific load capacity and the ability to hover to inspect high level objects. The helicopter equipment allows to fly even in difficult meteorological conditions. Versatility and high flight performance characteristics make this model essential for monitoring operations and delivery of cargo into hardly accessible areas.

Maximum takeoff weight, at least350 kg
Empty UVA weight, at least250 kg
Maximum fuel reserve110 l
Maximum flight speed150 km/h
Dynamic ceiling, at least3000 m
Flight course speed90 km/h
Maximum flight duration5 h
Flight altitude rangeFrom 50 m of dynamic ceiling
Dimension of takeoff and landing site20×20 m
Cross wind limit speed at takeoff and landing10 m/s

Optronic systems

Gyro-stabilised optronic systems that can be delivered either as part of an unmanned aircraft system or as an independent product.

Methane leakage laser sensor

Methane leakage laser sensor is mounted on the aircraft board while twenty-four-hour flying around of the infrastructure. It is designed for autonomous gas leakages search.

Radar station with active phased array

PRS provides operation of the system in three key modes:
– “SAR” – radar photograph of terrain;
– “Pilot demonstration facility” – marks of the detected objects in the relative coordinate system in logbooks;
– in the mode “meteo” – a map with place of location of the detected meteorological formations.

Transport module

The transport module is designed for transportation of cargo by air. The overall dimensions of the transport module may vary depending on the purpose of transportation.

Multispectral camera

Enables images of the same area in different areas of the electromagnetic spectrum, revealing processes and phenomena that are difficult to detect in a visible spectrum image.

Laser scanner

A device that sends out directional radiation catches the reflected waves and forms a picture of space.

On-board IR camera

Industrial camera with high sensitivity in low light conditions.