Forming of agricultural area maps, monitoring of crops, harvest and works quality control, treatment of agricultural lands with the help of UASs

Aeromax Company uses satellite and unmanned technologies to evaluate the state of agricultural lands and recording the facts of their non-purpose use, determine the state of crops, phytosanitary monitoring, determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of reclamative protection forest plantations. Aeromax technologies allows to monitor lands, find out of problem areas for plant vegetation and perform the point application of agrochemical agents, that, in its turn, significantly reduces the cost for purchasing of fertilizers and plant protection agents.


Creation of digital field maps and digital terrain models
Land bank audit
Inventory and design of forest protection plantation
Evaluation reclamative systems and hydraulic structures state
Remote phytosanitary monitoring of agricultural fields
Monitoring of implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of agrotechnical activities
Differentiated application of plant protection agents and fertilizers
Aerial sowing
Evaluation of damages due to agroclimatic abnormalities


Prompt obtaining of objective information about the state of crops
Improving the effectiveness of plant protection activities
Obtaining reliable information about the land fund and forming the basis for the digital transformation of the agro-industrial complex
Independent and operational control of jobs on the areas