Unmanned cargo helicopter SH-3000

With load capacity of up to 1000 kg

Helicopter-type UAS SH-3000

Air transportation of various cargoes to remote infrastructure facilities
Monitoring of transport and power energy infrastructure facilities, industrial facilities, environmental state monitoring
Environmental expertise on land and above the water surface, including in difficult climatic conditions
Prompt delivery of necessary equipment to the place of emergency situation: transportation of essential supplies, medicines and equipment, including search and rescue
Delivery of fire extinguishing modules to places of ignition

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Helicopter-type UAS SH-3000. SH-3000 is a helicopter-type unmanned aircraft that possesses an increased load capacity and can operate in a wide range of climatic and physical-geographical conditions. Its take-off weight is 3600 kg, the total payload is up to 1 ton. This aircraft can stay in the air for up to five hours and cover a distance of up to 900 km. Cruising flight speed reaches 190 km/h, maximum — 210 km/h.


SH-3000 aircraft will be maximally adapted for flights in difficult meteorological conditions over flat, hilly, mountainous areas and the water surface. Improved take-off and landing characteristics will allow to use it in the conditions of the existing infrastructure of manned aviation and on difficult and unprepared sites. It is also planned to use SH-3000 in projects for the delivery of cargo to hardly accessible territories. The design of the new model is designed to carry not only the airlift module, but also environmental monitoring systems, radar and optical equipment.

Maximum take-off weight3600 kg
Empty UVA weight2300 kg
Payload weight1000 kg
Maximum flight range900 km
Maximum flight duration5 h
Average fuel consumption at course speed200 l/h
Maximum flight speed210 km/h
Flight course speed190 km/h
Operating temperature rangeFrom -40°C up to +45°C

Optronic systems

Gyro-stabilised optronic systems that can be delivered either as part of an unmanned aircraft system or as an independent product.

Methane leakage laser sensor

Methane leakage laser sensor is mounted on the aircraft board while twenty-four-hour flying around of the infrastructure. It is designed for autonomous gas leakages search.

Radar station with active phased array

PRS provides operation of the system in three key modes:
– “SAR” – radar photograph of terrain;
– “Pilot demonstration facility” – marks of the detected objects in the relative coordinate system in logbooks;
– in the mode “meteo” – a map with place of location of the detected meteorological formations.

Transport module

The transport module is designed for transportation of cargo by air. The overall dimensions of the transport module may vary depending on the purpose of transportation.

Fire-fighting module

The fire-fighting module is designed for prompt extinguishing of local fires by dropping self-activating extinguishing modules Powder Fire Fighting Automatic Device (PFAD) Sphere FINFIRE. Capacity of the fire extinguishing system: 10 PFAD Sphere FINFIRE.

On-board IR camera

Industrial camera with high sensitivity in low light conditions.