Fields of application

Innovative technologies with usage of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) allow successfully solve problems in different economic sectors

Monitoring of transmission pipelines and infrastructure facilities in the protective zone with the aim to find leaks, violations and potentially dangerous situations

Regular monitoring of electricity transmission lines with the help of unmanned aircraft systems, automated data processing and creation of electric grid facilities’ digital twins

Full range of works on forest regulation and forest design, comprehensive economic assessment of forest resources

Forming of agricultural area maps, monitoring of crops, harvest and works quality control, treatment of agricultural lands with the help of UASs

Aerial photography at all stages of design and construction works with forming of orthophotomaps, engineering and topographic plans, digital terrain models and 3D models of the territory and facilities

Collection of up-to-date data for cadastral registration, forming of maps, measured three-dimensional models, land supervision and tracking of changes by means of an automated system

Monitoring of the environment state and detection of violations in environmental legislation