Electric-power industry

Regular monitoring of electricity transmission lines with the help of unmanned aircraft systems, automated data processing and creation of electric grid facilities’ digital twins

Monitoring of electricity transmission lines using unmanned aircraft systems allows one to identify natural threats and technical malfunctions of facilities, as well as simulate potential risks: sagging of wires under action of elevated temperatures, wind and precipitation, possible breakages due to falling trees.
The result of aerial photography is provided in form of an individually set geoportal with 3D/2D visualized data referenced to a digital terrain model. In addition to this, the results can be integrated with accounting information systems of the customer.


Obtaining of up-to-date, objective and operational information about the electricity transmission lines condition: supports, insulation, overhead line hardware, wires and lightning cables
Establishment of an unified information system of electricity transmission lines and energy infrastructure
Synchronization and integration of data regarding jobs performed on power electricity transmission lines
Modeling and prevention of emergency situations
Finding out of illegal constructions, unauthorized facilities within the protective zone
Monitoring of dangerous trees and tree-shrub vegetation


Reduction of SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index), operation average interruption frequency index
Reduction of SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index), operation average duration frequency index
Reduction of the costs for unscheduled (emergency) repairs and elimination of the accidents’ consequences
Obtaining of up-to-date and exact information about the infrastructure state
Automation of preparation of reference and reporting documentation