Urban development and land arrangement

Collection of up-to-date data for cadastral registration, forming of maps, measured three-dimensional models, land supervision and tracking of changes by means of an automated system

Aerial photography by means of unmanned aircraft systems and satellite technologies helps to obtain up-to-date geospatial information for performing of land arrangement and cadastral works. Orthophotoplans as a cadastral basis help to determine the boundaries of land plots, zones with special conditions for the usage of territories, location of buildings, structures and facilities objects of unfinished construction, etc. Comprehensive data analysis and 3D visualization technology allow not only to plan further development of territories, but also to regulate legal issues with regard to land ownership and any real estate.

Data is provided in the form of an automated system that allows quickly and objectively identify all types of changes that occurred during the selected period of time.


Compilation of topographic terrain plans and 3D measurable models of settlements and individual facilities
Creation of a digital cartographic basis (cadastral map) for making of boundary and technical plans, survey acts, maps-plans of territories
Collection of data for cadastral register and elimination of errors related to it
Prompt detection of violations of land legislation: non-purpose use of land, non-compliance with the boundaries of subsoil and land use, construction in prohibited zones, appearance of capital construction facilities that are not registered in the Unified State Register of Real Estate
Finding out of unauthorized and sanitary felling, spontaneous dumps
Establishment of a geoinformational service containing the detailed data about the state of infrastructure facilities, measurement tools and boundaries of protected zones with reference to cadastral data


High spatial resolution and data precision
Significant reduction of the cost of field works in comparison to the classical method of area survey
High speed of obtaining high-quality geospatial information about areal and linearly extended facilities of a significant size