Cargo delivery

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are successfully used in Russia and around the world in those cases where the delivery of goods by land transport and manned vehicles is impossible or economically inefficient. Aeromax Company has an extensive fleet of cargo drones of its corporate production with a load capacity of up to 300 kg. They can perform work in poor visibility and in difficult climatic conditions, as well as take-off and land on unprepared sites.

Cargo delivery to hardly accessible territories

UAS are essential for transportation to remote regions and settlements. They are capable to take-off and land vertically outside of equipped airfield sites, which significantly expands the possibilities of their utilization in areas inaccessible to road and rail transport.

Prompt delivery

UAS ensure prompt transportation of essential goods, including medical supplies, pharmaceutical and biological products, food, parcels, etc. The delivery time with the help of unmanned aircrafts is much shorter in comparison with transportation by land transport, since the factors of off-road and obstructed traffic are excluded.

Transportation of critically important cargo

UAS can ensure transportation of critically important and urgent cargo, such as tools and spare parts, samples and analyses to sites of mining minerals and production facilities. Delivery of small cargo with their help in conditions of limited time is economically more profitable in comparison with manned aviation since there is no need to wait for a full load of a heavy transport helicopter or aircraft vehicle.

Transportation in emergency situations

With utilization of UAS, there is no risk to life and health of pilots. Therefore, they are effective for delivery of equipment to the sites of accidents or catastrophes in case of road degradation, as well as in other emergency and extraordinary situations.