Testing of a functional service for medical cargo delivery

Under the Taiga federal project with regard for creation of an experimental area for usage of unmanned aircraft systems in Tomsk region, as well as with the aim of developing a program of experimental legal regime tests were conducted on delivery of medical cargo by unmanned aerial vehicles to the region remote areas


Demonstrate the possibility of carrying out cargo transportation using UASs
Perform delivery of medical cargo without violating its safety
Test the communication channels used for UASs monitoring and control

Conditions of the experiment:

Weather conditions: wind speed 15 m/s, temperature -1…+1 C, high probability of icing
Delivery route: Kolpashevo – village Chazhemto
Distance by air 28 km, travel time 30 minutes
The distance on the ground is 46 km, the travel time is 1.5 hours, taking into account the ferry crossing


Under the experiment all the main tasks were performed: cargo delivery and measurement of the parameters of the communication signal with the ground control station and the UAV measuring equipment. The experimental cargo delivery was completed successfully. The UAV flight speed was increased to 20 m/s instead of the planned 15 m/s to avoid icing of the aircraft during the flight. The height of the UAV flight was 200 meters. During the experiment the on-line monitoring of the aircraft flight was carried out using instruments of the ground control station.


Delivery of medical cargo with weight of 7 kg was completed successfully. The drone landed at the specified coordinates. The time required for transportation has been reduced, the delivery has been carried out without violation of safety.