Inspection of power supply lines using UAS for the needs of Bashkirenergo

Aerial surveys were carried out on the territory of Bashkiria to survey high voltage line of 35 kV and high voltage line of 110 kV with a total length of more than 2,200 km


Determination of the supports coordinates
Aerial photography of high voltage lines using unmanned aerial vehicles
Identification of dangerous trees, tree and shrub plants, unauthorized objects in the protected area
Obtaining data regarding defects, malfunctions, integration with the information system of the Customer (dispatching system, lightning finding system)
Integration with public state information systems (Rosreestr)

Project results:

Up-to-date and complete information about the state of the infrastructure of high-voltage lines confirmed by means of objective control (the route state, supports and other elements state, finding out of dangerous trees, tree-shrub plants, unauthorized objects in the protected area) permitted significantly improve the accuracy of planning costs for infrastructure maintenance, as well as to prevent emergency and potentially dangerous situations.