Development of the geoinformation system for Bashkirenergo LLC

Development of a comprehensive system for monitoring of GIS BE high voltage lines which allows to work in a single geoinformation space, control the power lines state, repair crews’ movement and track timely elimination of defects.


High-precision orthophotoplanes of power supply lines were created along the entire length of the surveyed areas
Integration with the existing information systems of Bashkirenergo LLC displaying the data in a single GIS was performed
GIS was deployed with a three-dimensional model of power supply lines, including supports, wires, objects (buildings, structures) in the protected zone of power supply lines, woody and shrubby vegetation
Coordinates of power supply lines’ supports, wire sagging (dimensions), angles of deviation of supports from the normal position, illegal buildings in the protected zone and potentially dangerous vegetation were determined
Survey of power supply lines using UAVs for the needs of Bashkirenergo LLC was performed with the help of thermal imaging and UV cameras installed on the aircraft.


The time required to inspect the condition of power supply lines is reduced. Control for defects has become more objective. Presentation of information in a single geoinformation space has become more convenient and visual for persons taking decision.