Forest valuation in the territory of the Kaluga Region

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The works were carried out under the program of scientific research of carbon deposition in forest and agricultural landscapes at an experimental carbon landfill created in 2020.
Valuation of forests located on the lands of SPNA was performed by sight estimation method by the eye-measuring method according to the 1st valuation category in part of the territory of the Belyaevsky district forest division of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Ugra National Park on an area of 4,134 hectares.

During the field and cameral works the features of growth and condition of forest plantations were studied: model trees were measured, sites for measuring the cross-sectional areas sums were established, forest plantations and their course of natural regeneration under the cover of the forest and on lands uncovered by forest vegetation were examined, as well as sanitary and forest-pathological condition of forests was assessed.
The structure of combined attribute and cartographic information containing information about the forest area, data on protection, safety of forests and reproduction of forests was developed.
Based on the results of forest exploitation, the forest management documentation has been compiled (explanatory note, valuation description, forest management tablets, plantation plans, schematic maps and thematic forest) and combined database was formed.