Development of a comprehensive system for monitoring oil and gas pipelines

The system ensures the ability to receive on-line data from unmanned aircraft vehicles. Jointly with MTS PJSC a system for on-line obtaining of high-resolution photo and video materials from the target load of an unmanned aircraft vehicle was developed.

Work target:
Provision of on-line monitoring of the linear part of the main pipelines, including infrastructure facilities within the boundaries of the pipeline protection zone.

An open gate and an extraneous person


Assessment of the state and monitoring of the functioning of main pipelines and supporting infrastructure
Detection of illegal activity within the boundaries of the protected zone
Prompt identification of incidents and potentially dangerous situations

This solution includes:

Formation of an orthophotoplan, analysis and identification of landscape changes based on digital photographs
Geoportal is a graphical interface for displaying the results of aerial photography processing
Finding out of violations in the protected zone, including oil and petroleum products exits to the earth surface or reservoirs on the basis of aerial photography materials (streaming video and photos) obtained from unmanned aircraft vehicles