Comprehensive economic assessment of the Trans-Baikal Territory

Customer: Joint Stock Company Far East and Arctic Development Fund

Under the project for a Comprehensive study of the forest fund of the Far Eastern Federal District an independent inventory of forest resources was carried out on an area of 1.95 million hectares in the Trans-Baikal Territory using satellite images and a preliminary evaluation of the feasibility of building a sawmill was made.

Beginning of works – August 2020, end – February 2021.
Updating of the materials of the previous forest management was carried out.
A map of forest resources was compiled, it includes detailed information about the areas available for exploitation and areas where wood raw logging is prohibited.
The concept of forest supply for a wood processing enterprise was formed.
A map of the existing and projected road network was formulated for development of perspective areas for a 25-years period.
Limit reserve of the removed wood in the context of the main types of grades was calculated according to the indicators of the calculated cutting area of uniform exploitation.
Investment costs, the wood raw cost “on exit from the enterprise”, as well as the cost of finished products taking into account current market offers were calculated.
A comprehensive economic evaluation was carried out including a business plan and a financial model for the sawmill construction and operation.