Development of automated dispatching system for Segezha Group of Companies

This project allows to solve key tasks with regard to ensure the control of logging and movement of forest products, equipment dispatching, fuel and lubricants consumption and accounting of working hours and performed operations.

Purpose of the project
Establishment of a system for monitoring the transport vehicles movement, fuel and lubricants consumption, movement of wood raw in order to improve the quality and efficiency of forest management of enterprises, increase raw material safety, reduce the cost for harvesting and delivery of raw materials.

Coverage of the entire chain of operations of the wood material movement scheme.
The data through the MWSs on-line goes to the System at each stage. In case of deviations with regard to quantity of previously recorded products the warnings are automatically generated. Determination of the volume of forest products at control points is automated.

Ensuring the comprehensive control over fuel and lubricants consumption at all stages.
From petroleum storage depot and fuel filling stations to fuel trucks, own fuel filling stations, tanks and equipment. Data analysis is performed based on a complex algorithm that analyzes information coming from various sensors (fuel level unit, fuel-flow sensor, CAN bus, dispenser gun) in dynamics and based on the analysis that generates the warnings about event.

Decoding of data from logging equipment in the System without human help.
The reference results of decoding the logging data from harvesters and forwarders remain in the System. Editable files are sent only for operational analysis purposes.

Project scale:

Several thousand of the System active users
More than 500 MWSs based on mobile tablet devices
4 main business units in the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions, the Republic of Karelia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory
More than 1,000 facilities for equipment (logging complex, short log trucks, workshops, sections, checkpoints, auxiliary equipment, fuel reservoirs and fuel trucks)

Project development perspectives:

Duplication of the System to all business units of Segezha Group
A full range of control of forest resources from the designed cutting area to logging and delivery of forest products to the final customer with tracking of all key links in the production chain.
Expanding the feature and development of GIS and finally creation of a unified geoinformation system that joints processes of collecting, accounting, processing and updating information about the forest resources complex state of Segezha Group.

Main effects:

Reducing fuel and lubricants costs
Improving the efficiency of the working time use
Reducing of losses due to a decrease in the quality of logged but not timely removed wood products
The main target effect is to increase the manageability and efficiency of the forest fund utilization and ensuring raw material safety
Track of a harvester
MWS on a tablet PC
Forest products hauling