Aerial photography of the Svir River

Aerial photography of the river was performed, up-to-date and complete information about the state of navigation equipment and other objects was obtained. It is the largest river in the northeast of Leningrad region; it flows near the administrative border with the Republic of Karelia and is an important link of the Volga-Baltic waterway. Length: 224 km, pool area: 84,400 km2.

Utilization of Aeromax technologies with usage of UAVs on the river Svir section allowed:

Assess the condition of floating, coastal signs and air crossings
Determine the overgrowth of range cross-cuts and approaches to coastal signs
Detect unauthorized economic activity in the coastal water area and coastal zone
Build a digital terrain model and an orthophotoplan with the identified land plots
Indicate the coordinates of the water boundary points, berths, raids, bridges and the actual position of objects of navigation equipment


Aerial photography of the river was performed
Information for creating maps of inland waterways of Russia is updated
Up-to-date and complete information on the state of navigation equipment is provided