Vertical-type UAS

Helicopter-type unmanned aircraft systems are characterized by high specific load capacity, maneuverability and the ability to hover for inspection of single high level objects.

Maximum take-off weight – 3600 kg
Load capacity – 1000 kg
Flying range – 900 km
Maximum flight duration – 5 h

Maximum take-off weight – 750 kg
Load capacity – 300 kg
Flying range – 600 km
Maximum flight duration – 5 h

Maximum take-off weight – 450 kg
Load capacity – 100 kg
Flying range – 550 km
Maximum flight duration – 6 h

Maximum take-off weight – 350 kg
Load capacity – 50 kg
Flying range – 450
Maximum flight duration – 5 h

Helicopter-type unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

Without doubt, the main field of application of helicopter-type UAS is delivery of cargo to remote points of destination. Our developments allow to do it even in conditions of poor visibility and severe climatic conditions, as well as faster and cheaper than traditional ground transport.
Depending on the customer tasks and the payload involved, this type of UAS allows to carry out firefighting operations, conduct search and rescue operations during response to ES, carry out environmental expertise on land and above the water surface, as well as control the state of infrastructure and construction of new facilities.